Are you godly? 1112

This is amazing. What a spectrum of willfulness, ignorance, and stupidity!
Salvation is about God changing our heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Jesus alone is the head of the church. We get into trouble when we judge rather than accepting god’s judgements.

Jesus said, Depart from me, I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness.

God hasn’t changed His mind about His moral law. Nothing new under the sun. God saves sinners. Those saved belong to Him. We are His temple. We live to glorify God. If you disobey the Bible, you are grieving the Holy Spirit. We repent when we sin, if we belong to God. If you are an advocate for disobeying God’s Word, you are rebellious and probably lost. God clearly told us not to tattoo ourselves. If you love Him, that’s all you need to know. Lev 19 is about God’s Holiness and His will for us to be holy. He uses different literary forms to explain His will. Paraphrasing, don’t mix cultures. Don’t do what unsaved people do. He is not against haircuts or blended fabric. The tattooed pastors are not speaking for God. That’s God’s judgment that I am honoring. If you are a fence sitter saying I will disobey now and seek forgiveness latter,You are on thin ice at best and likely someone God never knew. Since I know that it’s God’s choice who is saved, you may not get another opportunity to repent. Somehow, people who delay obedience, typically remain disobedient. God isn’t mocked.

I pray that everyone who has read this far will seek God’s face and repent now.

God bless !


~ by az4christ on November 5, 2012.

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