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Welcome to AZ4Christ!

A blog where the Bible is the only authority to know how to live a God honoring life in Christ!

Most people accept second hand interpretation of God’s will from their church, a friend, or a stranger on the Internet (like me). This is called hearsay in court. It has led to heresy in Jesus’ church! When what I write conflicts with what you were told and now believe, be the Berean that is commended in the new testament for testing every belief ever doctrine with the Bible. If I am wrong, challenge me Biblically. I want to know.

I challenge you to read and study the Bible first hand, and trust in God to lead you to His singular truth. I do not want you to take my word for it, anymore than I would want you to take someone else’s word. If God says it in the Bible, it’s the truth. The power of God was present in the writing of His Word and it’s present, when you read and study His Bible.

Start with a prayer to God for His guidance and read the list of page titles. Pick one. May God bless many through our willingness to wrestle with God’s truth!

Let’s get started!

7 Responses to “Front page”

  1. Do you have a twitter account? I cannot inf you.

  2. Sorry, I cannot find you.

  3. You point out a lot of good Scripture and your reasoning isn’t too bad. Are you a current Pastor or other type of Faith Leader? What church are you attending now? What is your faith background/history? Do you have any degrees in theology?

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