The new normal vs the unchanging truth.

The new normal vs the unchanging truth.

Tradition is an interesting thing. It is cemented by the decisions made by others in the past. It evolves by the fads of the present.

Traditions can be good or bad, healthy or harmful. The truth if it is the truth, doesn’t change. Over time, we are forced to question truth and tradition. Many of the things we assume are true, aren’t.

God’s word is truth. It makes this claim. If it isn’t true, it isn’t god’s word. This is the test of being inspired. It is the sole (soul) anchor in a relativistic and fallen world.

Religions and denominations claim to honor God’s word. They usually believe that they are biblically based. What they actually teach and practice is what others believed the bible teaches. This is their doctrinal statement and catechism. A review of these documents reveal differences between denominations and cults. Rather than use the bible and wrestle with interpretation, they require those who wish to join to accept their interpretation without challenge.

Most people accept the interpretation of the church leaders and create a tradition that is flawed. To further corrupt the church, some members are affected by culture and water down these doctrinal statements. Churches become businesses that pay for buildings and staff, concerned about their profit over their spiritual prophet and Lord Jesus Christ.

What evolves is a package that is lukewarm filled with half truths. The dumbing down of scriptural teaching and practice. The new normal is a toothless, spineless, truthless drama, that resorts to entertainment to draw and welcome the unredeemed to fund the business.

I challenge you to blow the dust off the bible on your shelf and teach and preach it as it really is and let the Holy Spirit convict and saved those spiritually equipped to receive Gods truth.


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