Is the 4th commandment moral law required by the church? 

In the spectrum of Christian doctrine, there are denominations that preach lawless freedom in Christ to others that teach obedience to every points of law in the old and New Testament. Jews practice a spectrum than goes from atheism to strict adherence to the sabbath.

 What do you do with the 4th commandment that requires remembering the sabbath day and keep it holy? If you break one law, you break them all, after all! Did Jesus move the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? If you can ignore the 4th commandment, why can’t you ignore them all? 

Here are some positions on the issue. I will toss in my 2 cents at the end.

The 4th commandment was part of honoring God. Is it about resting 1 day in 7? Is it about worshipping God 1 day in 7? Is it moral law or ceremonial law or civil law? Must it be on Saturday or Sunday? The names “Saturday” and “Sunday” were coined by the Romans thousands of years later. We are suppose to worship and honor God every day. Jesus honored the commandments, but he was also criticized for not honoring the sabbath. 

Confused ?

I believe that Jesus changed the expectation on honoring God by remembering the sabbath. True Christians are redeemed and are new creatures in Christ. We honor God by being holy as God defines Holiness. This requires repentance and faith, daily. Obedience in God doesn’t save us. We are obedient because we have been saved. We are called to worship God every moment of every day, not just 1 day in 7. When we fail, we repent and thereby move closer to God. 

So we more than obey the 4th commandment, we honor God continually! 

Your comments are welcome! 


~ by az4christ on June 5, 2016.

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