Seven days that divides the world, but United true Christianity 0315

I recently heard a youtube video of John Lennox speaking at a signing for His book 7 days that divide the world. He tried to find a way to interpret Genesis so that he would  not be seen by his colleagues scientists at Cambridge as foolish nor deny scripture. He failed. You cannot support both truth and error. Millions and billions of years isn’t supported by the Bible. Neither is evolution. Reasonable and faithful Christians must not and need not question the truth of scripture plainly spoken by God. 
The Old Testament says creation took no more than 6 days and nights for God to complete. It also says that plants (day 3) were created before the sun, moon, and stars (day 4). Plants need animals and visa versa. If day 3 was significantly greater than one, 24 hour day, the plants would run out of carbon dioxide in an ecosystem without animals ( day 5 &6) , and photosynthesis couldn’t work before sunshine, created on day 4. If God could create everything, is it so hard to accept that he you do it in an instant? It’s far easier to do it in 6 days. Why attack the definition of a day to justify millions of years, when millions of years aren’t necessary for creation, but billions of years are not enough to make the unobserved impossible evolution possible, naturally?


~ by az4christ on March 24, 2015.

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