Its About Character NOT Color 0115

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. This morning I read a post that suggested that He wasn’t a Biblical Christian. So I googled the question. I found the attached post with further attached audio. I recognized the tactics it revealed. We are being played by our government. I don’t like that.

Do you?

I’m thankful that segregation is History.

The ends do not justify the means.

Its time we question human authority and live by facts and principle, not emotions and racism.

Truth trumps political correctness.

Content of character trumps color of skin.

If you can disprove the info provided by this link, please do.

If you cannot, what will you do to be part of the soution.

If you won’t, you are part of the problem.

It happened to be Martin Luther King day when I read an article on false teachers about Fosdick. In it, a mention of Martin Luther King caused me to question something that I took for granted my whole life. I had always believed MLK to be Christian. ( see related post Harry Emerson Fosdick, the Pied Piper of Theological Liberalism and, a Herald of Apostasy.).

Tim wrote, “Martin Luther King Jr., a theological liberal in his own right, regarded Fosdick as the greatest preacher of the century and in 1958, inscribed a copy of Stride Toward Freedom for Fosdick with these words: ‘If I were called upon to select the foremost prophets of our generation, I would choose you to head the list.'”

My believing MLK to be a Christian, gave Him credibility and apparent trustworthiness. When he said evil flourishes when good people do nothing and judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character, my Christian sensibilities affirmed the sediment. When I discovered that he wasn’t a Biblical Christian, that he didn’t author, but only spoke the lines, and that his motivation was debased and his tactics were born of unchristian sources of Thoreau, Gandhi and Hagel, the bloom was off the rose. We were being manipulated. He was a tool of communist.

MLK was not a man of impeccable character. He was a man of dubious motivation, dishonest manipulation, and debased appetites. Character didn’t matter to him. His speech was therefore, a lie. To be fair, I’m thankful to God that He ended the segregated south by appealing to our love of Christ. However, I am ashamed to see how gullible American Christians were to open the door to socialism, communism, redistribution of wealth, affirmative action, and social justice that isn’t part of biblical Christianity. Equality under the law means equality of rights not equality of outcomes. Only communism pretends to equalize outcomes by sharing the equal misery of many. It’s a lie, of course, since even in communism, some are more equal than others.

So for me, MLK day is bitter sweet. Celebrating the “end” of segregation and racism is sweet. Glorifying MLK is wrong, knowing who he was, what he believed, and how he was willing to deceive others in the name of honorable pursuits. It appears likely, that the people who created the MLK myth also martyred him, not in that name of Biblical Christianity, but to promote more socialistic despotism and tyranny.

The truth shall set you free. A government big enough to meet your every want is big enough to take away your liberty, freedom, and mortal life. My soul belongs to Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

All Glory to God.


~ by az4christ on January 19, 2015.

8 Responses to “Its About Character NOT Color 0115”

  1. Amen! I Agree with you. The sad truth is. Obama was asked about this the very first day he entered the White House! A honest reporter had the Termeridy to ask, “What about Character?” Obama’s response: “Character doesn’t matter!” Well it does! Character Does Matter! It is one of the Most Important Parts of us as Humans! That’s why I still Pray for him and the rest in this administration! As unjust as they are, I still pray for them, that’s Romans 8 and chapter 9. Jesus IS: John 10:30. Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless! Jane.

  2. […] Its About Character NOT Color. […]

  3. Reblogged this on Happy New Year and commented:
    The very first day, when Obama entered the White House the first time, a honest reporter had the termeridy to ask him, “What about Character?” Obama’s response, “CHARACTER DOESN’T COUNT ANYMORE!” Well Character Does Count! In fact it’s a Major Part of We as humans have! And that was part of the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King! May GOD All Mighty Give Dr. King Peace on this day of his Birthday! We lost a Great Prophet that Day! Amen! Jesus IS! John 10:30. Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless! Jane.

  4. I had the opportunity to march with Ralph Abernathy in Little Rock. He is the real deal, a true called man of God. Brother Abernathy loved Michael King, but he loved Jesus more. Following the admonitions to “Mark Them” which cause divisions and teach false doctrine, Brother Abernathy told the truth about Michael King.

    When the archives are finally unsealed there will be many people shamed by their rejection of the evidence surrounding the agenda and lifestyle of Michael King.

    • I do not know Ralph a.i like and love many people who aren’t saved. Loving someone does not mean condoning their sin or crucifying them about it, either. But you don’t consider them christian, even if they do.

      • I have heard Brother Abernathy’s testimony and seen the fruit of his works. I have to believe he was a saved a man. He resisted the self gratification and glory that can creep into the lives of those who are thrust into the public eye. Michael King was confronted regarding his penchant for white prostitutes, but he rejected such accusations. When Brother Abernathy was asked to give an account of Michael King’s lust for extramarital affairs, he could not lie for Michael King.

      • Ok

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