What Methodist Say They Believe. 1214

What Methodist say they believe.

I asked a Methodist pastor what she would say and do if a member of her church was considering marrying a Catholic Man. What she said surprised me to the point that I would be concerned if one of my kids considered marrying a Methodist.

Here is a statement of belief found on the website of the first Methodist Church. Please notice it’s man-centered focus. Also its missing the purpose of man – to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. It also doesn’t explain what salvation is and what we are saved from. That makes it a different Gospel. They are unbiblical man pleasers.

Galatians 1:6-8, 10 NKJV
I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ.

The Methodist statements are in { }. My comments are in [ ] s. I will conclude with a “so what” comment. I’ve capitalized words thst stand out to me.

{The Grace of Jesus Christ

As United Methodists we anchor OUR BELIEF SYSTEM in AN UNDERSTANDING of God’s grace, FREELY poured out in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.}

[God calls The Church to follow His will, not those systems of men. I see Methodist’s focus on near universal grace, love, and mercy. What about obedience, sin,  justice, and repentance? Where is their love of God as demonstrated by our obedience to God? God’s Grace is not universal or free. If it was,  there would no justice. God is loving and Just. Some receive grace and mercy. The rest receive justice and are already condemned (john 3:18-21). If it was free, Jesus wouldn’t have to be crucified to propitiate God’s wrath toward His elect. ]

{We believe God’s grace is at work through the Holy Spirit in EVERY person, ALL the time, FROM the youngest to the oldest, SEEKING to AWAKEN their hearts and minds to their NEED for God (“prevenient grace”). }

[Jesus died for His people, the elect, NOT everyone.

Romans 11:2, 5, 7 ESV
God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew. Do you not know what the Scripture says of Elijah, how he appeals to God against Israel? So too at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace. What then? Israel failed to obtain what it was seeking. The elect obtained it, but the rest were hardened,

If He died for everyone, all would be saved and Hell would be empty. Everyone born is born with original sin, spiritually dead. Only those whom God saved is given a regenerated spirit. “Prevenient grace” is the Arminian fabrication to counter the Biblical concept of irresistable grace.

John 6:39, 47 ESV
And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day.  Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life.

God saves sinners who God predestined for salvation, His elect. “Free will” is a doctrine of man and an oxymoron. All are born spiritually dead, slaves to sin. God’s elect receives God’s grace of spiritual regeneration which frees them from this slavery to sin and makes them slaves of righteousness by writing His law on their heart.

Romans 6:18, 23 ESV
and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Bible says what it says and it includes predestination and election. The spiritually dead cannot awaken to anything. The spiritually regenerated will desire to obey God.

1 Corinthians 2:14 ESV
The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.

Colossians 2:13 ESV
And you, who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses, ]

{WHEN that AWAKENING occurs, and an INDIVIDUAL MAKES a DECISION to RECEIVE the LOVE of God offered in Christ, that person IS PUT RIGHT with God (saved) through God’s JUSTIFYING GRACE. FOR METHODISTS, this is NOT THE END of the journey, BUT THE BEGINNING of a life long PROCESS OF GROWING more and MORE LIKE Christ (a process of “sanctification.”).}

[Salvation is solely God’s decision. God will complete the work He started (phil 1:6-11). Eternal life means never ending life. God justifies His elect (Rom 8:27-30). God sanctifies His redeemed. God  glorifies those who are in Christ, covered by their Savior’s blood and sealed with the Holy Spirit FOREVER! The Methodist included the following verse. Consider earlier verses in the same chapter that they overlooked, that I will provide.]

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit.” 2 Cor 3:17-18

[ II Corinthians 3:4-8 NKJV
“And we have such trust through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. But if the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which glory was passing away, how will the ministry of the Spirit not be more glorious?”
THE SPIRIT is only received after spiritual regeneration – born again, salvation. (John 1:12-3, 3:3-15)]

{We Are Saved

So we believe we are “saved” and are “being saved” throughout our lives, being conformed more and more to the image of Christ UNTIL WE REACH a state of being COMPLETELY FILLED WITH his LOVE. OUR FOUNDING FATHER, JOHN WESLEY, called this state “PERFECTION.” By that he did not mean that we had become perfect, but that we can become PERFECTLY FILLED with CHRIST’S LOVE in this life.}

[The redeemed were saved ( from the penalty of sin at justification), are being saved (from the power of sin by sanctification), and will be saved  (from the presence of sin at our glorification). The Methodist concept of being perfectly filled with Christ’s love is found in 1 john 4. But it is part of testing the spirits, the spirit of truth vs the spirit of error. Love is part of God’s will, never license to sin or be disobedient  to God. JESUS DIED to propitiate God’s wrath and remove our sin, not to just perfectly fill us with Love. Evidence of God’s salvation is lawfulness not just works of love (1john 5).]

{WE hold Christ at the center of all things, and NAME HIM LORD of our LIVES AND LORD of the UNIVERSE.}

[God holds us, we do not hold God. God names His redeemed, children of God. God is our creator, savior, and Lord. If Jesus is your lord, you will seek to know Him and obey Him. Luke 6:46, Matt 7:21-2]

{We BELIEVE in God’s PRESENCE made real and effective and powerful THROUGH the WORK of the HOLY SPIRIT, which is ongoing throughout our lives.We BELIEVE the BIBLE is the INSPIRED word of God that POINTS us TO the Word of God, JESUS the CHRIST, and that it contains EVERYTHING that is NECESSARY and SUFFICIENT for SALVATION. We BELIEVE there is a PRESENT DIMENSION to SALVATION – a QUALITATIVE DIFFERENCE in our daily lives, RECOGNIZABLE as the FRUITS of the SPIRIT (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, generosity, faithfulness, and self control)}

[The Bible is the Word of God. It doesn’t merely point to it. All of it is binding to a true Christian. It is not a buffet line that we can take some and ignore some.
Galatians 5:22-23 NKJV
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Goodness isn’t a synonmn of generosity. Goodness is Godliness. God’s Word is Inspired, inerrant, and infallible. Jesus is The unchanging Word of God made flesh. It doesn’t just point the Christ. It is God. Mere words become
Powerful miraculous devices that change the very nature of sinful men into Godly ones. Only the indwelling Holy Spirit can perform this transformation and does so everytime for those God chose to save. Words that are foolishness to those who are dying, but to those He saved they are the words of eternal life.]

{- AS WELL AS an ETERNAL DIMENSION to SALVATION (eternal life in the presence of God who LOVES US).We believe that WORKS of MERCY NATURALLY flow from GOD’S LOVE made real in our lives, and as a result are SOCIALLY ACTIVE in a variety of ways to ALLEVIATE human SUFFERING and PROMOTE HUMAN WELL BEING and EDUCATION.}

[The saved are given the power to be the children of God, a new creature in Christ that are obedient to God’s Word, Will, and Love. Social justice (socialism, abortion, homosexuality, worldliness, idolatry, tattooing, etc ) that disobeys God’s revealed will isn’t of God. Obedience to God includes love, but love is defined by God and God is the judge of Good and Evil. (2Tim 3:2-5) ]

So what!?
The Methodist hold an unbiblically low view of salvation that causes unredeemed to think they are saved, when they aren’t. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist church, held an unbiblical ecumenicalist view that welcomes and accepts faiths that deny or cortupts God’s Word. To illustrate this, lets consider an email reply I received from a local Methodist Pastor who I contacted asking what she would say or do if a member of her church was considering marrying a Catholic man.

Here is our email conversation:

Dear pastor,

What would you say to or do if a member of your church was considering marrying a Catholic man?

Your biblical insights are welcome.


——– Original message ——–

Dear Mr.,

There would be no biblical reason for someone not to marry a Catholic person.  They share the same beliefs in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, salvation by grace through faith, and the unfolding of spiritual life as we are gradually sanctified by the work of the Holy Spirit.

There are differences in practice that should be noted and considered carefully:  the submission to the authority of the pope; the lack of acceptance of women as priests/pastors; prayer to the saints; lack of encouragement fo laity to study the Bible; the requirement that children be raised in the Catholic faith in “mixed” marriages.

I would also want to point out that it can be difficult to maintain a life of faith when the expression of faith is so different between man and wife.

However, Catholic spirituality is often deep and meaningful.

That may not exactly answer your question, in which case you are welcomed to contact me for further conversation by email, in person, or by phone.
Senior Pastor

First United Methodist Church

——– Original message ——–

Thank you Pastor .

——– Original message ——–

[First off, Holiness is the Biblical reason why Biblical Christians must not marry outside of biblical faith. God’s Word forbids believers to be unequally yoked ( see my post Interfaith Marriages are Forbidden by God).

Second, Catholics do not share the same belief as Biblical Christianity. Catholicism claims Papal and Catholic  tradition to be equal authority with God’s Word. In practice, Catholicism elevates the Pope, Cardinals, and tradition over God’s Word. Biblically, the redeemed are saved by grace alone through faith alone by God alone. Catholicism claims faith plus works merit salvation.

Third, God’s Word tells us that only the saved are justified, sanctified, and Glorified and only the elect can be saved because only the elect are spiritually regenerated. The rest are spiritually dead and are condemned already. Catholicism promote baptismal regeneration, sacrimental merit, dispensations and purgatory. All of these deny the sufficent  work of Christ in salvation.

Fourth, Catholicism promotes and practices idolatry in their veneration (worship) and prayer to Mary, dead men, and statues and images of them. This clearly makes Catholic faith unbiblical and blasphemous.

One final note. The Bible forbids female pastors and warns of forced celibacy. At best, this Methodist (female) Pastor is misguided or ignorant of God’s Word. At worst, she denies God’s Word and thereby denies Christ.

If you are a God fearing Christian who attends the Methodist denomination, honor Christ by prayerfully studying God’s Word. God hates the wicked.  God only loves His elect. Loving others is just part of God’s will. If you love God you will seek to obey His Word.

Matthew 25:11-12 ESV
Afterward the other virgins came also, saying, ‘Lord, lord, open to us.’  But he answered, ‘Truly, I say to you, I do not know you.’

Luke 6:46 ESV
“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?

Matthew 7:21-23 ESV
“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.  On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’  And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

2 Corinthians 6:14-18 ESV
Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you,   and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”

Titus 1:15-16 NKJV
“To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work.”

In closing, if you are a Biblical Christian, do not be unequally yoked with those who do not share this Biblical faith. Do not date or marry. Love of God must come first.

The rest of the story:
My Catholic cousin proposed to the Methodist girl at her Methodist Church on Christmas Eve between the first and second service with photographer clicking away. While the congregation appeared to approve with awes and sendimentality, I believe biblically, God wouldn’t, doesn’t. First, they are proposing to do something God forbids with approval from human ordaned clergy and laity, asking God to bless disobedience. Second, I expect the marriage to be conducted by a Catholic priest requiring future children adopted or natural, if any, to be raised Catholic. It is ecumenical politics that sounds diplomatic from human perspective. Biblically, it is blasphemy. Third, my Catholic cousin chose to propose at the Methodist church on a day set aside to honor the birth of Christ. In true Catholic fashion, man is seeking glory due God. The term “abomination that leads to desolation” comes to mind. The UNGODLY Methodist Church welcomes the abomination of calling holy something that God calls unholy. The likely result is desolation of a perhaps “so called” Christian who either departs from God in practice or converts to the apostate Roman Catholic Church. This is a microcosm of the apostasy that results when the visible church ignores Biblical instruction and become worldly.

I pray for the couple and the congregation, that the Holy Spirit will correct the Methodist Church or lead true Christians there to seperate from such sacrilege and seek a God honoring congregation.

In and for Christ!


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Interfaith Marriages are Forbidden by God
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Biblically and spiritually, there is no such thing as interfaith marriage.


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