Five Proofs of Evolution -NOT 1014

Five Proofs of Evolution -NOT

In debates with evolutionists, these are their points that they believe point to evolution. They don’t,  of course. Here is why.

1. The universal genetic code.  DNA is so complex that we still don’t understand how it works. The most complex human design is simple compared to DNA. It is designed to prevent reproduction between kinds. It is designed to ignore most mutations. Evolution orginally presumed a much simpler design. Over the years we discover the process to be more complex than originally presumed. The probabilities of random chance are getting more far fetched.

2. The fossil record.  The fossil record and the assumption made to reach pre conceived notions doesn’t support evolution. Life burst on the scene with complexity right from the beginning. The missing links are still missing. If you examine the original fossils record and the assumptions scientists have used to reach conclusions, all that can be proven is that the fossils exist and wild speculation and flawed logic isn’t proof. Dating methods presume that we know the original conditions, a constant decay rate, similar conditions, and natural ( godless) causes. Testing of known recent dates report ancient dates. Its like measuring something with an elastic ruler.

3. Genetic commonalities.  Common design points to a common designer not evolution. Intel chips look like intel chips. Ge engines look like other ge engines. Different kinds of fords use the same or similar parts. 

4. Common traits in embroys. Again similar kinds speak of intelligent design and designer. A good design serving the same function is an intelligent use of a design. All embroys start from a single cell and differentiate according to Dna instructions. Even the design of these microscopic factories scream of brillent design and its designer.

5. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics.  God created kinds with vast adaptation in kind to increase survivability.  But all observable adaptation remains within its kind. That is why the links between kinds are still missing BECAUSE the don’t exist and have never existed! God told us this back in the beginning of Genesis long before anyone knew of DNA, carbon or nuclear dating, or reproductive science. Great or lucky guess by Moses or just another true revelation from God!

Evolution is impossible and unprovable. Its just not true or possible. If evolution can exist, its back to the drawing board to find an explanation of origins that doesn’t require the Biblical God and His requirement of perfect righteousness to escape judgement in hell. All knees will bow to God, either now before we die or at judgment there after.


~ by az4christ on October 19, 2014.

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