Law For the Proud, Gospel For the Humble 1014

Law For the Proud, Gospel .For the Humble

The wages of sin is death.
All have sinned.
There are 2 types of death: spiritual and physical.
We are physically born Spiritually dead. This means that what we want is freedom to do whatever we want without consequences. It is delusional. Actions have consequences. Naturally, death awaits everyone. Physical death is not just normal , it is inevitable.  Do you know of anyone throughout history who escaped physical death? Is there something eternal that occures after physical death? Where did we come from prior to our birth? Only the Bible provide true answers to our origin and fate.

Here is a link to an audio called Hells Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort. My comments providing the rest or the story will follow the audio.

Ray is right. Ray is wrong. The fly in the ointment is that prior to salvation, everyone is spiritually dead. Logic and truth means nothing to a dead man. God alone chooses who CAN accept truth. Without God’s graceful spiritual regeneration, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
Once we are saved, we know that God’s Word is true. We know that we have sinned. We know that God requires perfection. We know that we are unable to honor God’s standard and therefore we deserve death. We also know that God promised to save us from our sins. He legally justified us before Himself. He promised to sanctify us. He promises to glorify us. Salvation makes us want to honor God by obeying God. While our works cannot save us, our devotion to obey God reveals the fact that we are saved. Our conscience drives us to keep short accounts on sin by our repentance and His forgiveness.

The truth of our salvation keeps us humble, Grateful to God, and obedient to His will. We are legally righteous by Jesus’ blood on our behalf and practically righteous by the leading and protection of the Holy Spirit. We eagerly await our glorification when we are eternally seperated from our sinful body.

Ray’s ( and every Christian’s) calling is to present the law to the proud and the gospel to the humble. Most won’t believe because they are unable to (the proud unsaved). But for the elect who God regenerates (the humble redeemed ), our witness of the Biblical truth to the lost is what God chose to use to save His children for and through eternity.

Glory to God!


~ by az4christ on October 18, 2014.

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