A Life Lesson Learned at a Funeral 0914

Ever been to a funeral? The dead guy is FREE to choose anything but UNABLE to do anything. The one thing he needs is life. Adam and Eve and all of us died spiritually in Gen 3. We have the freedom to choose GOOD AND EVIL. But doing what we want when it is contrary to God will is called SIN. Once a sinner, we are slaves to sin. God gives everyone the offer of salvation. But naturally we do not want to be saved from our sin. We love our sin. We are a slave to sin. We stand already condemned (john 3:28).

Long ago, before the fall, before creation in fact, God thought about us as a inventer thinks of something that does not yet exist. God chose some for salvation. Before we could do good or bad, God chose His elect. He intervened and saved us. Is it fair that He didn’t choose everyone? No. But to be fair, everyone would have get what they deserve. That would be eternity in Hell seperated from God. I thank God He wasn’t fair. He chose an elect group to save. He saved us not because we had any merit the others didn’t. He saved us in spite of our demerits.

Salvation involves first action by God. Our dead spirit needs regeneration. Our enslaved nature needs, not emancipation, but a new owner. Like Adam and Eve, we are no match for Satan. Given a totally neutral and free will, we will be tempted to become a slave to sin just like Adam and Eve had. At salvation, God buys us at extreme cost, the blood of Christ. God owns those He saves and He protects His property. Satan is no match for God. That is why we cannot lose our salvation. He changes our very nature. We used to be bent toward sin. We are now bent toward righteousness. FOREVER.

There is a large group of people who want the benefits of salvation and the freedom to sin. These people are deceived or deceiving. It is an oxymoron, to want to be in Christ and seperated from Christ, at the same time. These are the people who try to honor God by disobeying Him. Example: those who tattoo a cross on themselves or those who seek to get rich from evangelism or those who crave worship from the world by pretending to lead the worship of God. You must choose one or the other. The fact that people do this reveals a lack and need of salvation.

Be real in Christ!

Az4christ .


~ by az4christ on September 19, 2014.

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