When sin entered the world. 0714

Here is an excellent sermon on the fall.


God is life. Sin is seperation from God. Sin is prideful disobedience of God’s Will/Word. Sin entered the world and the human race fell from fellowship with God, Fell from Life. Our body is either a temple of the Holy Spirit or a tomb possessed by demons. I fear there is no neutral place. Nature abhores a vaccum. If you aren’t saved and filled with God’s Spirit, you are filled with the spirit of this world. Sin is everyone’s problem. The only ones that know this are those who believe God and believe in God. The rest are full speed towards hell and passionately so. THEY STILL BELIEVE IN THE SERPENT’S LIE!

The proof is all around us. Youth seek to tattoo, pierce, abuse and mutilate themselves. Evil ugliness is beautiful to them. Temptation is the bait and slavery to sin the hook. Hatrid, lies, porn, extra marital sex, violence, and foolishness is a virtue to them. Drug and alcohol abuse and those that do so are worshipped. Read facebook posts of these worldly fools. The images they idolize are written on their minds, lips, clothes, and bodies. The image of God that we all were created in is passionately altered, corrupted and destroyed. Like the clinically insane, they need to be protected from themselves and the debased norm they accept. Tolerance is their creed. Some deceive themselves and pray to the unbiblical God they create, presuming that God is with them as they perpetuate the madness.

Jesus is the cure. Jesus is found only by hearing the word of God. For the elect, God’s word shines an inescapable light on our sin. God’s promise to redeem all that call on Him and forsake the gods of this world is believed. The elect repent and God is faithful. We hunger to know God. Our very nature is changed. For the first time and for eternity we want to honor God and we do by following Him. God is good. So are those who have been cover and transformed by the blood of Christ. Our former demons are driven away! Our body is filled with the Holy Spirit and become God’s temple.

Praise Christ!



~ by az4christ on July 28, 2014.

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