Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace and Must Be Dealt With, Contained, and Defeated. 0614

Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace and Must Be Dealt With, Contained, and Defeated.

I recently met a Christian friend of my daughter whose beliefs differ from mine in ways I feel are significant, but he doesn’t. One of these differences is his belief that Islam is a peaceful religion just hijacked by “fundementalist radicals” . Moderatism to him is a virtue.

I, on the other hand, believe that a religion is accurately defined by its founding fathers and corrupted by those who come later and add to, subtract from or change it.

He repeats what many do, “Islam is a religion of Peace”. Being a student of history and more than just a casual observer of current events, I believe that Islam is not a religion of peace! To us, peace is the absence if war or conflict. Islam peace is the absence of non Islam influence. It is rarely, if ever, the absence of confluct or violence.

Here is a testimony that brings tears to my eyes. This clip and this woman that we watched this “interview” where she tells the story of her life which is as amazing as she is… She was a news anchor eventually in Israel… she tells why Lebanon went from being a Christian majority when the French turned over Lebanon in 1940, to being Muslim one dominated by peer fear. This is happening now in Iraq, Iran and most other countries and we see it happening in places in France England, Canada and the USA unless we wake up and hear the root of her message. Powerful!

Peace loving people of the world better not accept incorrect or misguided views of Islam. To do so is anything but peaceful!

Here is a link to a 2 part sermon by John MacArthur on Islam recorded right after the 9-11 attacks.

While I do not share all of John MacArthur’s beliefs, he addresses the subject very well. (FYI Biblically,  we don’t know where the garden of eden was since the world wide flood destroyed it and they floated for a year before they landed on dry ground.   Also, I do not find dispensational pre millenial end time theory biblically accurate or necessary. We are adopted heirs of Abraham and through Christ enjoy God’s promises to Him. Israel pointed to Christ and those truly redeemed by Christ are Israel. Secular Israel can only be saved by repenting of their sin and accepting Christ as their savior. )

Here is a link to further refute the false notion that Islam is a peaceful religion.

True Islam follows Mohammed. True Christanity follows the Biblical Christ. Terms such as “god” and “satan” when used by Moslems often describe a position, not a person. Allah is not God, but His adversary the Devil (the fallen angel Lucifer). When Islam uses the word “satan”, they are referring to the adversary of Allah ( the Biblical God, creator of heaven and earth is the adversary of Allah). Moslems call Israel little satan and the USA the big satan, because we oppose Allah. But Allah as described by the Koran Isn’t the God of the Bible. Allah (Satan) opposes the God of the Bible.

Freedom of religion isn’t supported by Islam. Therefore, immigration of Moslems must be prevented. All legal immigration traditionally only accepted those immigrants who would support and defend the constitution and be an asset to America. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Lying, stealing, and killing isn’t a sin in Islam if doing so advances the spread of Islam. Knowing this and for the preservation of our society and Constitution, Moslems must be excluded from immigration. Islam means submission to a system without universal rights to life, liberty, and property. That is as un-American as it Gets.

American Christians must promote US foreign policy that protects Christians from persecution as a necessary condition of foreign aid to any country. The Christian population in Iraq and Afganistan is being annilated by Moslems. We must stop buying oil from countries that use oil income to fund Moslem terrorism. Islam is a root cause of the problems that plague moslem countries. While it wouldn’t be Christian to force our religion on them, it is naive to think that we can fix their societies while they remain under the influence of Islam. Pagans will be pagans. We don’t need to help them trample our values, though.

Christianity is fundamentally different from other religions. Presuming that other religions share our values is a big mistake. They don’t. America is a Republic under law, not a democracy. Our constitution was written to promote individual freedom and protection and limited Government, presuming Christian values. These values are not universally shared by other religions. We must be careful to screen all would-be immigrants to ensure that the original intent of our constitution is protected. If we don’t, America will fall into the same evil corruption and despotism that plagues the rest of the world.

Evil flourishes when Good people do nothing. Christians must stand together and protect each other from Islam intent on destroying the Body of Christ.

In Christ,


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