All Men Have Feet of Clay! 0414

All men have feet of clay!

The christian (perhaps, so called) dominoes continue to fall.

Have you noticed the stream of Christian apologists that have become weak kneed and walk away from God’s word, lately?

I’ve enjoyed listening to Ravi Zacharias for a long time. Rarely,if ever, did I found anything that he said unbiblical.

Until now….

Ravi Zacharias wrote: (his words are in quotes followed by rz. My comments are unquoted.)

“How do we speak into volatile cultural issues in a way that does not further alienate the church from culture, even as we seek to speak a corrective word? I’m concerned about the church’s role in a polarized culture.”rz

True Christianity has always been light in a dark world and salt in a corrupt world. To lose our light and salt will result in our being trampled under foot. I’m concerned about a church that turns her back on the judgements of God.

“You’ve raised a very critical issue for our times. And you know the old adage, “Any stigma can lick a good dogma” holds true. If the church is stigmatized as a body of prejudice, if the Christian faith is seen as that which pejoratively speaks of people in what they want to hold onto or value, they’re really not going to listen. “Rz

So what? Sinners are blind and deaf to righteousness. God will open the eyes and ears of the elect. We must speak the truth in love. Love does not ignore or normalize sin. God will judge us all for what we do and allow. Will faith be found on the earth when Christ returns?

“It’s quite remarkable that Christ never specifically addressed some of the burning issues of the day socially. He always went to the heart of what separated a person from God and what transformed a person so that they would think their thoughts after him.

We have instead gone to the symptomatic issues and have lost track of the fundamental issues. And the more we go to the symptomatic issues, the more we produce prejudices and discomfort and wrong solutions to the maladies. We have sort of walked out of arenas that needed our voice, so we left the academic arena, we left the defense of the scriptures—all of this—and started attacking cultural moods and trends, and we end up thinking we’re winning a battle. We lost the war. We have to be laser sharp on what it is that really needs to be addressed in our times. That’s the first thing.”rz

The battle belongs to the Lord. Those who see compromise a virtue when it comes to ignoring and justifying things that God has already condemned, will be those who God will judge saying i never knew you you workers of lawlessness! These are the times that tries men’s souls. Those who end well were saved. Those who don’t, never were. The martyrs knew this. God will reveal all things in His time. Perhaps Ravi has been a false teacher all along! You cannot win someone to Christ on reason alone. Only God can regenerate the spiritually dead. Faith comes by hearing the word of God! Knowledge of sin will lead the elect to salvation via repentance. Our churches are bursting with tares who were told and believe that obedience to God and repentance from sin isn’t necessary for salvation. It is the path of salvation, the narrow Gate.

“The second thing is, some things are discussable in a public arena without risk. Others, no matter what is said in that public arena, it ends up losing the bigger cause..

So I often say of great social issues—not that they are unimportant—this is not the setting in which I want to talk about it. If you want to discuss it, let’s sit around a table so that at the end of it, even if we disagree with one another, we can shake hands or give each other a hug and say truth will triumph in the end. But if I gave you an answer in this public setting, you’re not going to be able to counter it, you’re not going to be able to tell me what’s on your heart, and we’ll walk away creating a bigger wall between ourselves.”rz

Politics is said to be the ability to send another to hell and make them look forward to the trip. People will take offense to the judgements of God. But we all need to be careful that it is God’s word and not merely us or our presentation that causes offense. A half truth is a lie, if in the end God’s judgement is ignored. An eternity in hell will not be enough time justify a half truth that was spoken with diplomacy and kindness. God promises to cleans us with his word and blood of ALL unrighteousness!

“My mother used to say, “Once you cut off a person’s nose, there’s no point giving them a rose to smell.” We’ve done a lot of nose cutting the past few years. Not that the issues weren’t important, but I think they would never solve the heart of the problem. We’ve made everything a moral issue and forgotten that the salvation message is what morality alone cannot solve.”rz

Speaking the truth isn’t nose cutting. Sin unchallenged will grow as cancer ignored. We are commanded to judge those who claim to be in Christ, but only as God did. Holiness requires separation from the wicked practices of the world. The church will look like Christ in love and righteousness, if it is the true spiritual body of Christ. We must clean the house of God. God will save sinners.

“Let’s talk about a couple specific issues, one intellectual and one moral, and tell us how you would advise the church to deal with them in a way that is less combative, more constructive. First, creation vs. randomness, chance and materialism.
Galileo made a famous comment: ‘The Holy Book tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go.” Sometimes we want to take the Bible and try to make it what it was not intended to be—some kind of a finer text in the specifics of how all this was done by the Creator.’

It’s fascinating that science thrived under people like Newton and Faraday—they were believers. But because they believed in a design, because they believed in order, because they believed in predictability, they didn’t believe in a random universe. They believed in order and laws and design, and what naturalism has done is taken the laws and order and design as an end in itself rather than a means.

The church did away with the legitimate expressions of science and where they needed to be and made the Bible a book of what it was never intended to be in its specifics. The Bible deals with my heart and my soul and what God has provided for the most hostile aspect of my life, which is my own proclivities, my own will.”rz

The Bible claims to be divinely inspired and true. God knows everything. When he spoke of creation, He was truthful. If evolution is true, than the bible is flawed in its account of creation. If it is flawed, God either lied to us, or He isn’t truthful or He is misleading, or He doesn’t exist. We do not need to know the details, but when we see them more clearly, the details must support the spoken word, if it was true. Evolution assumes only natural origins. Its assumption is false. Creation testifies to a creator.

“Rather than spend our time debating for hours whether its billions of years or whether its thousands of years, we should instead by arguing for the fact that you cannot explain the full questions of life—origin, meaning, morality and destiny—without a personal, moral, First Cause, which is God himself. We go to the ultimate cause, not the ultimate methods of how it all came about. You will never be able to get a coherent worldview without positing an eternal moral personal First Cause. That’s what I want to defend—I don’t want to argue a timeline.”rz

The devil is in the details. God didn’t tell us everything. We couldn’t comprehend it. But what He did tell us has to be true or else He isn’t trustworthy. How can we believe in a first cause and ignore all the ongoing causes that has shaped out world? Ravi is sounding like a deist not a christian. The Bible testifies to a God who is still at work in our world. One who promised to complete the sanctification work he started. I take God at His word.

“I can recommend some great books. Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science by John C. Lennox, my colleague at Oxford, is a brilliant book on dealing with where the issues here really lie. And people like Robert Jastrow urges us not to make the mistake of a scientific single vision.

If a person tells me science is all that matters. I generally say to them, “Should the scientist be honest in giving us his or her findings?’ And they just stare at me. I say, “Is that a scientific question or a metaphysical question, that the scientist should be honest in giving me his or her findings? That’s not a scientific theory, that’s a moral theory. That’s a moral pronouncement we’re making.”

You cannot have a scientific single vision in this world. There has to be a convergence of the great disciplines—of cosmology, of theology, of history, of epistemology. All of these disciplines have to come to bear to explain the undeniable reality in which we live.”rz

All the disciplines of man lack perfection. Each contain axioms and presumptions that are flawed if they violate the word of God taken in proper context. History documents the folly of men. I take what men state as true with a grain of salt. I don’t expect men to be perfect, because its obvious that no man apart from Jesus is. Some men seem to be brilliant for a season. But eventually, we see their feet of clay.

Ravi, your clay feet are showing! Don’t let your pride in your accomplishments separate you from Christ!

Billy Graham for many is the face of Christian evangelism. Questioning His salvation and work is blasphemous to many. But if you listen to what he says to a secular world or apostate church, His belief of ecumenism is not Biblical. His method of declaring salvation and referring new converts to unbiblical churches or religions at his crusades is not Biblical. His non-literal view of the Gospel, is not Biblical.

Here is a video that includes things Billy has said which brings into question His real purpose and belief. 

The Bible teaches and I believe that only those who remain faithful to God’s word til the end, were ever saved in the first place. The Bible attests that the redeemed in Christ may stumble, but will not fall away from God’s grace. This is due not to our effort, but due to our redeemed will and the Soverign work of God’s Holy Spirit that was given to us at salvation and lives within us throughout our sanctification and eventual glorification!

““Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:21-23‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

In Jesus’ Name ,


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