Questions for Your Pastor 0913

I’ve been asking pastors some basic things. I was amazed what people think and what they didn’t know. The most common trait seems to be uncorrectable arrogance. Its like trying to talk to a Catholic apologist. They deny biblical authority while claiming to honor it.

Here are Questions that every christian should be able to answer:

What is a pastor and what does God expect from you?

Are you more frustrated by people who care too much or too little about the Christian faith?

Do you welcome or discourage debate over what the Bible teaches?

Have you tested denominational teaching against the Bible and personally held to truth alone?

Does the Bible have absolute truth and authority or can it be relative?

Do you love God?

What does it mean to love God?

Do you fear God?

What does it mean to fear God?

Where do you get your authority to teach?

Who has authority over you?

Who is your audience?

What must a Christian believe?

What do you do with those who challenge what you believe?

Is the Bible the word of God, cover to cover?

What do you teach from the old testament? Why?

Is the Old Testament relevant to the church?

What is Sin to you?

What is the law spoken of in the New Testament?

What is the relationship of God, Jews, non Jews, and the church?

Who is the original audience of the bible, and why can we presume it applies to us?

What is salvation, why do we need it, what happens when we are, and how do we know we are saved?

What does it mean to be in Christ?

Can you lose your salvation?

Who are the lawless?

Aren’t Christians lawless?

Why does the New Testament condemn the lawless?

What is Christian liberty?

What is legalism to you?

What is licentiousness to you?

What is the Gospel?

Who did Jesus die for?

What is the great commandment and commission, and how can it apply to us?

Is Baptism important, why did Jesus command it, what does it accomplish?

Is love, grace, and tolerance the same thing?

What is Godliness and is it ungodly to hate?

What does it mean to be Christian and what is required to be one?

Is communion important, why did Jesus command it, what does it accomplish?

What is worldliness?

Can Christians be worldly?

What is worship?

What is idolatry?

Must a Christian oppose worldly sinfulness?

How can we deny Christ?

What are works for?

How do you reconcile Christian Holiness, unity, and separation?

Are Catholics, Mormons, JW, and Moslems saved?

What does it mean to know God and be known by Him?

How profound must conversion be to be genuine? What is God’s view?

Are all biblical claims trustworthy and true?

Does the church complete or replace Israel as god’s people ?

What is the Kingdom of God? Is it a spiritual future or present reality or is it just a metaphor?

What is apostasy? How much apostasy is acceptable within a christian congregation and still be Christian?

The reformers accused the Catholic church to be the harlot of Babylon. Do you agree? What else could it be?

What does God say about homosexuality, abortion, tattooing, piercings , promiscuity, drunkenness, idolatry, adultery , and other normalized behaviors of today’s culture? Do you preach on them?
What is the church and what is its purpose?

Who does the church serve?

I have what i believe is provable Biblically (available upon request)

How would you answer?

For Christ’s honor!


~ by az4christ on September 26, 2013.

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