Corruption 101 0613

Corruption 101

Ever wonder how the visible church and universities created to honor God became the Corrupt and unbiblical organizations that they are today?

The devil is busy fighting against God and His people the Church. This article showcases the tactics of the battle. Seeing what he did in the past, will help us look out for what he is currently doing.

Satan’s tactics

God creates something Good and pure.
People don’t read the Bible and don’t know what it teaches.
People listen to “experts” instead of God.
Satan questions what God has said and deceives some.
Satan uses the deceived and corrupt to attack the truth.
Satan replaces christian leaders with corrupt false ones .
Satan leads the church to accept corruption and uncertainty. Christians promote and defend the limited doctrine of their seminary or denomination and not the full council of the Bible. Seminaries designed to defend biblical truth, become theological cemeteries of half truths and corrupt doctrines. Christians fight each other and forget that Jesus is the word of God made flesh to take away the sins of the elect.
Those who know the truth give up and do not fight the Good fight. Seminaries are taken over and controlled by false teachers.
Many who think they are following Christ, are not. They are following corrupt false leaders.
Many fall away from the faith, because they were told false doctrines that are indefensible biblically, logically, or empirically.

Read this article which chronicles what happened and how many accepted a lie and walked away from the truth.

How did it happen?
They let some question biblical authority.
They listened to human philosophy, unprovable science, and opinion and didn’t test it with the bible.
They tolerated unbiblical members and leaders.
They subordinated the council of the Bible to the council of men in the name of ecumenicalism, secular humanism, evolution, and social justice. They changed what the church for 1900 years considered was the gospel. The bible doesn’t permit a changing gospel. They made the changes, not because the Bible supported or required the changes, but contrary to what the Bible allowed.

The Bible is trustworthy and true. Read it. Study it. Wrestle with it. Honor it!
Truth matters more than ecumenicalism. Godliness matters more than secular humanism. Many believed the unprovable and unbiblical lies of evolution over the inerrant biblical account of creation. Many questioned God’s authority, salvation, and providence by supporting unbiblical social justice and progressivism.

As you consider what happen 100 years ago, consider this.

Evolution still is unproven and more unlikely as true scientific knowledge is learned. Random chance and millions of years becomes a harder sell when we find much greater complexity at the sub molecular and systematic level. Intelligent design requires design by super human ( non human) designer!

Two world wars, non-christian religious fervor, jehad fanaticism, communist atheism, and evolution induced Naziism has released more evil in the last 100 years than ever before.

Anti-Christian secular humanism and tolerance of every deviant lifestyle and practice has multiplied pain and suffering from the inner city poor to the most affluent.

The unbiblical and worldly church mirrors the ills of the unbiblical world. Christian tattoos, homosexual marriage, and carnal christians are just the tip of the corrupt iceberg of what oxymoronic or just moronic christian and political leaders normalize.

Can you stand against the corruption or are you part of it?

For Jesus’ sake!


~ by az4christ on June 26, 2013.

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