Be Christian By NOT Observing Easter 0313

Be Christian by NOT observing Easter

He has Risen! He has Risen Indeed!
Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.
“Holy Week”

My earliest memories are of pictures of my family in fine clothes in front of a church building.
In Arizona, Our Roses bloom this week, desert wild flowers burst into beauty, and the temperature is perfect. Easter time has always been special to me.

But as you know, if you read my posts, God has led me into a Berean season, and I’m compelled to test everything and its time to test Easter.

Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism.
The old testament points to a coming messiah.
The new testament Gospels account the 33 years Jesus walked on earth. Jesus was this messiah and He legally fulfilled every Old Testament prophesy to prove it.
The rest of the New Testament pointed back to Jesus the Christ , the Messiah, and defined how His spiritual body the Church was born, grew, and was (and is) protected by God Himself.

Jesus birth was foretold by prophesy and validated by astrological events. The wise men knew the prophesy and they studied the heavens. For months, they saw God’s clock counting down to Jesus’ birth and they were there to see it and testify to it.

Similarly, Jesus’ death and resurrection was predicted thousands of years before in prophesy. The first passover was predicted in prophesy 400 years before it was fulfilled. When God led Moses to sacrifice a lamb and spread its blood over the door of every Hebrew to see God justly punish the Egyptians and gracefully passover judgement of His chosen people, He was pointing forward to a time when sinless Jesus would be sacrificed for His chosen people ( the Elect) and His blood would cover them, cleansing their sinfulness and permit a just God to show mercy to some. After 3 days, His resurrection proved that Jesus was who he said he was and had the power and integrity to fulfill every promise and prophesy.

God led the Hebrews to have festivals chosen by God to remember history and God’s promises, given in the form of prophesies.

Jesus and the Apostles didn’t command such festivals for the Church, however. They didn’t observe any either. They commanded Baptism for the penitent and communion for the believer. That’s it.

There were eternal customs (such as marriage) that God created that were supported. God’s precepts and principles don’t change, because God doesn’t change. However, Jesus ended Hebrew civil law and fulfilled ceremonial law.

The observance of Easter was not commanded by Jesus or observed by the Apostles. The word “Easter” derived from a Teutonic myth. “According to St. Bede, an English historian of the early 8th century, Easter owes its origin to the old Teutonic mythology. It was derived from the name Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, to whom the month of April was dedicated. The festival of Eostre was celebrated at the vernal equinox, when the day and night gets an equal share of the day…”

Roman Catholicism was the result of the hostile takeover of Biblical Christianity by imperial Rome. Every unbiblical festival observed by Roman Catholicism has a pagan origin.
Are you surprised that The observance of Easter isn’t commanded or supported by the Bible? That the word “Easter” doesn’t appear in the bible? That Jesus and the Apostles didn’t observe it? That the name “Easter” comes from a pagan fertility Goddess named “Eostre”. Does it bother you? It would be far more appropriate ( though biblically unnecessary) to remember the resurrection of our Savior 3 days after Passover as RESSURECTION SUNDAY. But its celebration at all isn’t necessary, Biblically.

So what!

Easter is a Roman Catholic tradition created by the apostate Roman Catholic Church. As long as our traditions aren’t unbiblical, does it matter? Probably not. On the other hand, observing a pagan holiday, named after a pagan godess on the day pagans do, with all the pagan eggs, bunnies, etc, makes me wonder why God would be pleased. God is jealous and He killed people in the past for worshipping false Gods.

But, communion is what God ordained to remember Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. We are to do that EVERY time we meet the church.

His promises are only intended for the elect, those for who Jesus Died. The danger is that the impenitent and unredeemed will be deceived to believe that Jesus died for them and that it doesn’t matter what they do or think, that God is a doormat or like the easter bunny or santa claus, just a myth.

He has risen, but for many its just tradition or a day to eat chocolate eggs.

This year, I will refrain from observing Easter. Not because i am not devoted to Christ, but because I AM! I will continue each day to study and ponder God’s word and will for me.

Im still waiting for my Christian Brothers and Sisters who disagree with me to show the love of Christ in them and challenge me. The silence is still deafening!

In Jesus’ name,



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