Was Pope Benedict XVI Asked By Bishops to Resign? 0213

Was Pope Benedict XVI asked by bishops to Resign?

I have a continuing debate with my Catholic cousin over the question are Catholics christian and are some who are faithful Catholics saved?

The news released yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI voluntarily resigned due to becoming wobbly – health wise spurred further discussion.

My question is was Pope Benedict asked or pressured by the Catholic Cardinals to resign and why?

I believe his resignation also undermines the Catholic view that The pope is infallible and chosen by God to lead the Catholic Church and that the Catholic Church is the only church authorized By God.

Lets google the matter!

The last 2 popes to resign in 1414 were forced to and became cardinals as reward for going along. At that time, there were 3 popes (or 1 pope and 2 the vatican called antipopes). Since then all popes died in office. Many were feeble and in poor health, too but didn’t resign.
Something is going on behind the scene, and the pope lost the approval of the cardinals. Popes just don’t resign due to wobbliness.


Since there were popes (Pope Damasus (366-384AD) was the first to call himself pope),The 4 popes who resigned were not inspiring persons. Only Celestine (1294) was overwhelmed by the position and could be considered to have stepped down for somewhat noble ( yet weak) reasons. Benedict IX (1045) sold the papacy to his godfather Gregory VI and resigned in 1045. Gregory VI (1045), Considering the fact that the arrangement he had entered into with Benedict was simony Abdicated or deposed at the Council of Sutri. Gregory XII (1414) Resigned in order to end the Western Schism Abdicated during the Council of Constance, which had been called by his opponent, the anti-pope John XXIII.

Thats it. All the rest died in office.
So are we to believe that God has in any way chosen such men to lead His church? Oh, He didn’t. The Bible says only Jesus is the Head of His true church. The Bible has never been wrong. That makes it most trustworthy!

The Catholic Church has created a group called Catholic Answers to be the Go to place to defend the Catholic gospel, record, and practice. Many Catholics (my cousin included) divert all criticisms to them.

According to the Bible, spiritually speaking everyone is blind, deaf, dead until God regenerates them. If God regenerates you, you will be led by the holy spirit to read and understand God’s word. You won’t fall for the twisted logic of men because the Holy Spirit will guide us. Catholic answers are such men and women. The Bible rebukes their claims. Pray for salvation if you look anywhere other than the Bible for truth.

I have gone to Catholic Answers. I ask Catholics Have you gone to Mike Gendron? He goes into detail what Catholics believe, teach, proclaim vs what the Bible does. While catholic answers and Gendron may agree to certain practices of Catholicism, Catholic Answers claim that traditions and the Pope has authority over the Bible and wont accept the biblical reasons why they are wrong-Biblically. Often, Gendron cites Catholic dogma chapter and verse that the Catholic answers crowd try to hide. Gendron says as do i, trust only the Bible. Catholics say trust the pope and church traditions and not the bible. The Catholics outlawed the bible for a time. Sermonaudio.com has many sermons on Catholicism. At Catholic Answers, Ive listened to Scott Hahn, a former protestant who now claims to have seen the Catholic light. His claims aren’t biblical. He isn’t saved and never was – based on what the Bible says vs what he says/does. Ive listened to both sides. It comes down to who God says has authority. The Bible says it does. John 1, 1 tim and 2 tim 3:16.
Every cult claims special knowledge. The Bible trumps all.

Ive checked out Catholic Answers On numerous occasions. They are a poisoned well. I’ll hold on to biblical answers. God tells me to. The Bible lights the path to God (narrow way). Only through Jesus will anyone see the father (God, not pope). God the father is holy, God the son is holy, God the spirit is holy, God’s word is holy.

The pope isn’t holy, the cardinals aren’t holy. The Roman Catholic Church isn’t Holy.

The cardinals ( not God) elect the pope. The cardinals can force the pope to step down. They won’t say they did. Politics is as politics does.

God saved me. God guides and protects me. Only God can send me to hell, but He won’t because He says He won’t and because I was saved and remain redeemed only by His power.

One final thought, In the year 1140, an Irish bishop named Malachy visited Rome with a group of monks. They climbed the Janiculum Hill to thank God for the safe completion of their journey. While there (so the story goes), Malachy had a vision in which he “saw” 111 Popes to the end of time. Each Pope was chronicled with by a short, cryptic epigram in Latin. And with the resignation of Benedict XVI, the last Pope on Saint Malachy’s list is about to be elected.

When i was in Rome in 1990, i visited the basilica of St Paul outside the walls. There was a picture of every Pope since Peter, all 264 of them, with 2 open circles left to fill. When i asked the monk why there is only 2 more open spaces, he told me about the prophesy and that the end of the world will occur then. While I don’t usually trust what Catholics tell me, If this is the case, couldn’t the next pope be the false prophet or the last head of the whore of Babylon, spoken of in Revelations? Maybe that is why Benedict XVI has to go!!!


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