What’s In a Name? 0113

What’s in a name?

I recently attended an Episcopal church. The priest welcomed everyone with a universal greeting that it doesn’t matter if you call God – Jesus, jehovah, or allah, we worship the same God.


If you actually pickup the holy book that corresponds to your faith and see who it says God is, it isn’t universal.

The old testament clearly shows that only the circumcised children of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are God’s people. That through the only Jewish Messiah and biblical faith, select Jews and gentiles will receive mercy and be blessed throughout eternity with a restored and sinless relationship with God. Everyone else will get justice and suffer the consequences apart from the love of God in a place called Hell.

The Quoran teaches that everyone who accepts allah alone as God as revealed by Mohammed and submits to his will are Moslems. They are commanded to submit to the 5 points of Islam to earn allah’s favor. They never really know if they are submitting enough to earn heaven. However, some are told that If they die a martyrs death, they automatically earn heaven and receive 72 virgins. The are told that Allah is unknowable and capricious.

The Catholics just require baptism and regular attendance at mass to be considered a Catholic. Once a Catholic, they are told to observe the traditions of men, the edicts of the popes and pray to Mary to earn merit to get to heaven. Jesus ‘ mediation and sacrifice alone will not get you to heaven, that human works will take away sin, and that praying to Mary is more powerful than praying to God in Jesus’ name.

The Mormons believe that God was once a man and was exulted by human works. If Mormons men work hard enough, they will become A God and earn their own planet.They are told that the Bible is flawed and that that additional Scriptures correctly interpreted are necessary. They are also told that lucifer Is Jesus’ brother, the mormon profit is the ultimate authority, and mormon traditions earn higher status in one of 3 separate heavens.

All these faiths are unbiblical. If the Bible is true, all those who trust in unbiblical religions are lost and are destined to hell. Its harsh, but that is what the Bible warns. Their faith is equally exclusive or worthlessly universal, or both ( depending on what part you read or who you listen to). Objectively, if we are born with original sin , and unless God saves us, we deserve and get hell. So, the devil accepts all false faiths. He already has them deceived. So knowing the truth matters. All roads except through the narrow gate lead to destruction.

The Jews are God’s people who live under the Abrahamic covenant. This covenant is sealed by the sign of circumcision. Their holy scriptures (torah ) includes accurate history, promises and warnings, and practices given by God. They have the law and prophets to guide them. Over time, their leaders have re-interpreted, distorted, and added to the law. Those who didn’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah were deceived and trusted men and traditions over holy scriptures. Since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon in Ad 70, they haven’t fully observed the requirements of their laws and are therefore apostate. The history, law and prophets point to a coming Messiah who will restore their relationship with God. By their own law, those who neither observe in faith the requirements of the law (atonement) by the shedding of blood of a sacrifice suitable to God are apostate and deserve Hell.

Christians profess that the Bible is the only authority in faith and practice. They share the old testament (torah) with the Jews and the God it reveals. They believe that Jesus is the Messiah promised in the old testament . The new testament contains the history and new covenant of Jesus and His church. It also describes the salvation that is from, of, and for God. It warns of false salvation promoted by false teachers. It promises a future return of Jesus Christ to save His elect and judge the entire world. Jesus satisfied the ceremonial requirements of the law and justified us before God. The Holy Spirit given only to those saved by God has replaced the civil law and guides us godliness through sanctification and holiness. We glorify God in this life and await His return for us and our future eternity with Him in heaven.

So what’s in a name?

Anyone who claims to speak for God but adds, removes, or changes the gospel is a false teacher and is accursed. That episcopal priest mentioned earlier is such a person. Only the God described in the Bible is God, exists, and has the power to save. Only the elect shall be regenerated and saved.

So if anyone waters down God’s standard or adds works required for salvation, they work for the devil not God. Pick up your bible and read. Pray for God’s salvation, and test everything against the Bible. Those who truly seek God will be saved since God alone gives us the desire to seek him. Further, He gives us the ability to honor Him by writing His law on our heart.

In Jesus’ name



~ by az4christ on January 23, 2013.

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