Where Do The Lost Hide From God? 1212

Where do the lost hide from God?

Biblical worship requires eating Christ’s flesh and drinking His blood! Please read the 2nd half of John 6.
I’ll wait…..

Jesus is the bread of life and we are the body of christ. Jesus is the word that we hunger to consume! We are surrounded and filled with the life blood of christ and His sacrifice.

Most disciples left Jesus when He told them this, and they never came back. If you are inclined to do likewise, you aren’t likely saved. You have 2 options, run way from church or fall to your knees and pray for salvation! For those who i have just offended, i remind you that the biblical test of salvation is obedience to God’s word. If you haven’t read the bible from cover to cover, you have no first hand idea what God commands. I’m here to tell you, neither do many pastors and elders.

So where do the lost hide from God?

In church traditions
Repeating in blind repetition canned prayers, songs, statements, and confessions puff you up and make you think you know God, when in most cases just know of God.
Frozen chosen.

In music
The choir and worship team is full of the lost who worship music, the world, and themselves more than God. Leading worship is typically just leading idolatry. Music is entertainment and not typically worship in and of itself. Many churches hire musically talented atheist. I know one such singer who is still an atheist after 30+ years of singing in a church choir.

In a bottle
Many people self medicate to cope with guilt and stress daily, making them spiritually numb to spiritual things.

In education
Many kids raised in nominal or actual Christian homes only to fall away at college due to evolution, philosophy, sociology, political science or psychology lies and half truths being used to indoctrinate weak minded into atheism or agnosticism or ungodly carnality. There is nothing quite like a diploma to make a fool feel smart.

In relationships
The time demands of relationship (dating, or family interest or duties) keep many busy enough to mis salvation. Ritual baptism and liturgy is a poor substitute for personal bible study, repentance and salvation.

In anger
Many live their lives in continuous prideful anger and conflict with others conditioned by their emotions to have no use for the fruit of the spirit genuinely or superficially modeled by others.

In the dark
You never know what you don’t know. Even the things you think you know may inoculate you from knowing the full truth. If you haven’t wrestled with God over hard to accept passages, you probably are in the dark and don’t know it!

In sin
Sin always takes you farther and holds you longer than you would have wanted when you first yielded to it and became its slave. Sin and pride is a blinding combination.

In pain
Being your own anti-hero or martyr can become a major part of your identity. Displaying your pain like a badge of honor or flag to get and keep the attention of others or avoid the frustration of having to deal with others, can be time consuming. Jesus asked, do you want to be healed? Many people don’t.

In pride
Pride is the anti-god. You can’t add to a full jar. Humility is a hard pill to swallow. You have no apparent use for God if you are one.

In works
Some of the hardest and most dedicated of social and church workers are the most spiritual clueless, passive aggressive, and arrogant lost people there are. There are those who throw God a bone once in a while to ease their conscience and those who think that God needs them. The godfather buys off the church with work or tithe to earn absolution for the souls they killed last week. God doesn’t want or need our donation or service. He wants all of us and for us to reflect His glory to a lost and dying world.

In seminary or church leadership.
People think they go to seminary to learn God’s will. It is a poor substitute for reading and studying the bible first hand and relying on the Holy spirit to be our guide. Seminary students are indoctrinated into a school of theology that contains truth, half-truth, and lies. They end up believing that they have special knowledge that is too complex for the average lay member to understand. If you can’t or won’t defend it biblically, you shouldn’t preach it. Church elders, deacons, bishops, presidents, teachers, and other clergy who think they are indispensable and church members are replaceable are in for a big surprise when they meet their maker. Conversely, clergy and administrators who forget that they serve God and water down messages or ignore member sinfulness to grow churches or protect offerings will be held accountable by God. Does God really want you to filter His word or use most of the donations to pay for salaries, rent or mortgage payments? Church denominations tend to rot from the top down, opening the door to worldliness, carnality, and the debasement of Godly standards. The truly saved will look like christ and not tolerate corrupt or debased leadership.

In closing, I apologize for everything i have written that is born out of my own sinfulness. If i prayerful thought this was the case, i wouldn’t have posted it. Please pray about this and seek God’s face. I fear that the Lord is withdrawing from most churches as warned in romans 1 and perhaps the apostasy promised in revelations. God is still on His thrown and capable of saving the penitent and righteous from the Sodom and Gomorrah society that churches seem adamant to condone and promote.

In God’s name,

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