What does a Christian look like? 1112

What does a Christian look like?

There is some confusion.

The emerging church or seeker “friendly” churches embraces the world and tries to look just like the world to attract the world. These mega churches attract members with concert style Worship and watered down messages. No need to repent. No need to seek salvation. Dress is dumpster casual. Salvation is assumed. No standard of behavior or thought. All feel welcome.

The YRR young restless and reformed churches, is better they say. Here the hipsters wear A and F fashions and meet to drink, smoke, cuss, and admire their tattoos while they debate reformed theology . Here the “elect” meet to affirm the doctrines of grace and deny Biblical standards.

Liberal churches have no walls and keep open minds and hearts to attract anyone except those narrow minded conservatives or fundamentalist. Here traditions and liturgy is worshipped and practice. Portions of the biblical standard is twisted and ignored. Women freely lead these groups and thereby prove by their choices why the bible is true, in spite of what they might believe.

Catholic and Mormon churches keep very busy but fail the cult test. They both try to look Christian, but promote a different gospel that the Bible says those who follow them may be accursed. Out of one side of their mouth they promote ecumenicalism. Out of the other, they confess that they are the only way to heaven. The Mormons send everyone ( except those that leave the church) to one of three heavens. The Catholics create purgatory to escape hell. Both, in their own way, claim that Jesus’ sacrifice has an essential but limited and incomplete part of salvation. Both redefine the vocabulary of Christianity to significantly warp and change is meaning and practice.

Unfortunately for all them, they are unbiblical and uselessly and hopelessly man centered. Like the church of Corinth they are led by false teachers that justify having one foot in the kingdom of God and the other in the world. Their zeal to be accepted and accept the world and grow in number but not truth, lead them to compromise, and were rebuked by Paul for doing so. A true Christian is a redeemed sinner, a temple of God, a work of God in progress, someone who reflects the true image of God.

Today, most churches are man centered. The Bible is God centered and it warns us that it is spiritually discerned. Those truly saved and in The Church is by definition God centered. Jesus is the true head and the saved is the body. Those that aren’t save can’t understand and fully accept the meaning, promises, warnings, or commands of it. Clearly, some goats rose to leadership and have led many astray. God and His scripture is perfect. None of us, saved or not, will ever be. We must never assume that any teacher is perfect and can be trusted to speak for God in all that they say or do. But at times, God has led them to more clarity than others.

It would be healthy and beneficial for each of us to seek God ‘s face and consider the possibility that we may not be saved at all. That the Bible makes several incredible and humbling claims that affect how other passages can be interpreted. That if we are saved, we cannot in good conscience, habitually sin. If we habitually sin, guilt free, either we aren’t saved or the Bible is wrong. If we aren’t saved, pray without ceasing that God will reveal our sinfulness and lead us to repentance. If we are saved, God will continue to show us our sin and lead us to continually repent and be forgiven. Over time as we are sanctified, the sin we see in ourselves is so large ( only in our eyes) that being forgiven is a gift we treasure more than life itself. To others, however, the humility that we have and the Biblical godliness that we project can’t help but glorify God. God sanctifies us to restore us to His image ( likeness).

Our past sinfulness, motivates us to help others in the similar slavery of sin to see the light, truth. The stains of these past sin, may linger in our mind or scars on our body. They are markers of how sinful we were and the damage done. Our sin is forgiven, its power to deceive us removed. Our physical or emotional tattoos cease to control us, rather they drive us away to promote biblical righteousness in us and others. We were once enemies of God, but now the apple of His eye, His body, hands and feet. We are a spiritual road sign that eternally point to God through Jesus!

Have you met any of these dear people. They walk with God with humility and unshakable godliness. They know God’s word and joyfully study it to know and obey God’s most subtle will. The world has no power over them. If you look around, you will find them among God’s people, right there in the center of God’s will.

In God’s name,



~ by az4christ on November 13, 2012.

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