Do you want to share the mind of God or do you want to be god? 1012

Do you want to share the mind of God or do you want to be god?

Most entities that call themselves Church focus on tradition, entertainment, and historical cliff notes. At times, they share Biblical judgments, apologize, and punt, saying, “It’s between you and God”.
“It’s between you and God” is a cop out. It presumes and implies that private interpretation can be relative, unbiblical, and acceptable. Secret motives excuse violations of God’s absolute judgments on our thought, word, and deeds. Sermons that lack application and correction foster ungodly complacency. If we don’t wrestle with the apologetics and hermeneutics of biblical truth, we risk losing the authority to challenge applications and demand correction.

Being the body of Christ and the temple of God’s Holy Spirit, correctly understood, demands a high bar of adherence to the will of God. If our brief moments of fellowship with other church members reveal significant differences in understanding and acceptance of biblical truth, and these differences are accepted without challenge, the actual and real presence of God’s Holy Spirit being there is questionable. Church unity under the authority of scripture demands church holiness (separation) from the depravity of worldliness.

Our attachment to our fleshly senses creates temptations to the lust of the flesh. Our weakness to the effects of image ( self image and the image of others) create temptations to the lust of our eyes. Our pride of life embodies us with ego, mixed habits ( good and bad) of culture, and natural irrepressible desire to rule ourselves and others, create temptations to process our decisions inconsistently in a manner that frequently becomes ungodly. Even Adam and Eve, though originally sinless, fell into sin ( separation from the mind of God) under the influence and the power of these temptations.

So what is the purpose of God in providing us with the Holy Bible? Sharing the mind of God, revealing the depravity of our natural mind, and explain God’s supernatural and miraculous work to reconcile and restore us wholly to Him. Some are given grace and enjoy reconciliation. Some don’t and receive the justice due them. The only uncertainty that remains is which group each of us are in.

Do you desire to live His way and share the mind of God or do you want God to excuse you and like Frank Sinatra let you have it your way?

Don’t overlook the invisible supernatural miraculous but essential aspects of salvation.
What do you do with God’s law?
What do you do with sin?
What do you do with Jesus?
God’s law IS the mind of God.
God hates sin.
Jesus either died for you or he didn’t.
Those He saved HAS the mind of God, HATES sin, and FOLLOWS Christ.

This is naturally impossible. But with God, its not only possible, it is normative! Its not so much what you do as it is what you want to do. True followers of Christ hate sin and want to obey. The miracle is that they can Glorify God!

Frank can go to burger king and have it his way. Salvation is only by God’s way!



~ by az4christ on October 21, 2012.

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