Why are happy marriages rare and divorces common? 1012

I’ve been happily married for 22 years. Our marriage helps us understand and cherish our relationship with Jesus, and vise versa. Jesus is the head of the church ( His bride). Jesus is my lord. I follow him. I obey him. But more importantly, I adore him.

My wife follows me, obeys me ( as infrequently as we are of different opinion), and she adores me. I love her second only to Christ. I don’t let anything (worldliness or idols) come between us. We have incredible freedom, but never use our freedom to sin or do something that would insult or hurt each other.

I treat my relationship with Christ the same way.

Before we got married we agreed that divorce wasn’t an opinion. Death is! Just like our relationship with Christ, there is no divorce once we are joined with Christ.

If you have issues in your marriage, if you have issues with Jesus, if you have issues over the Bible, assume that you didn’t marry the real Jesus and seek His face and live in holy matrimony with Christ. I bet your marital bliss with your spouse will improve, too!

In Jesus’ Name and for His Glory!



~ by az4christ on October 1, 2012.

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